3 Guys in Haiti

Haiti’s Cry

Posted in Uncategorized by 3guysinhaiti on March 18, 2010

by Josh Grizzard

This is a poem my 13 year old sister Rachelle wrote about the thousands of victims struggling with finding life after the devastation of the January 12th earthquake.

Separated from life, it’s hard to explain,

right into the arms of desolation and pain.

Feeling so much, you can’t feel at all.

Through the noise of the world, can you hear our faint call?

What once was home – now nothing but dirt.

Joy was once there – now emptiness and hurt.

In a sea of darkness, when it’s worth the cost,

is there one who would shine a path for the lost?

Is there someone who loves, who would calm our fears?

Is there someone who cares, who would catch our tears?

Does our cry echo across the world as we scream in pain?

What can we hold dear, when we’ve lost all we could gain?

What once was our life, is now dying to live once more.

Where can we go, when agony closes our door?

When the cries for the lost ring through the night

step out for a change – show us the light.


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  1. Rachel said, on March 18, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Wow! Rachelle! What a poem! It’s so beautiful, yet heartbreaking at the same time. Wish I could write like you! Keep it up!

    Rachel T.

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